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Topic: Hollywood EQ with GOS

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    Hollywood EQ with GOS

    Could someone run by me the EQ that was discussed months back about getting a more \"Hollywood\" type of Sound with GOS? I remember something about 1.4k and 3.2k, but how many dbs are you guys subtracting and what Q?


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    Re: Hollywood EQ with GOS

    Damon, it all depends. Around 2800-3400khz seems to be good for violins. Subtract maybe 6-8db with a realtively wide Q-value. Best is to use your ears and find the frequencies you dont like. I think 1500 is more for violas - but I could be wrong...

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    Re: Hollywood EQ with GOS

    The most important factor... Do it while you\'re listening to the whole mix! A bypass function is essential, or you\'d quickly get lost in the eq jungle and mess up the sound of the strings totally. Rolling off is generally considered a better option than boosting. I\'d rather roll off the frequencies in question, and increase gain on the channel. Of course this is more an engineering type of work. Best you go with your ears.


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