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Topic: "The Trumpet": another "day 1" recording

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    "The Trumpet": another "day 1" recording

    Yesterday I downloaded my copy of "The Trumpet".

    What can I say?


    I have many brass libraries but I couldn't play a realistic trumpet solo with any of them.

    "The Trumpet" is another story.

    Ok ... it's not a trumpet player, it's just a sample library but .....

    Here's my first track created with my new toy three hours after I downloaded it. It's a good ole standard. A trumpet solo version of "I remember Clifford".
    I played it in real time with a Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller. I limited minimum velocity at 45 with Sonar "Velocity" Midi Plugin to avoid glissatos at lower dynamics. Vibrato is perfomed with my diaphram activity (it's a little too wide but lip vibrato it's impossible with wx5 ..... I need to practice diaphram vibrato). I didn't use CC1 controller. I didn' use any keyswitch. Patch: main trumpet with harmon mute but passed through IR1 Conv. Rev. (santa cecilia auditorium row 20 impulse - 50% dry/wet).


    Thanks to Giorgio & Peter

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJL View Post

    Ok ... it's not a trumpet player, it's just a sample library but .....
    It's..... SUPERTRUMPET! (sound of SuperGrover flying through the air... )

    I downloaded my license this week and must admit that I was not able to get good results very quickly. I guess I have to get control over all the controllers first

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    Re: "The Trumpet": another "day 1" recording

    Hey TJL,

    Thanks for sharing your clip. I agree, The Trumpet is a truly fantastic instrument - it feels so natural and extremely high quality compared to most "sampled" virtual instruments. I've had it for a couple of weeks now too, and it seems to fit beautifully in any musical context. I was listening to some Chris Botti the other day and started improvising along with him with one of the muted trumpets, and could barely hear the difference between the real trumpet and my playing, when played carefully along with expression and keyswitches.

    That wind controller sounds amazing! Much more direct control over expression than what's possible with a foot pedal. Does anyone know if you can get a wind controller that only outputs the breath modulation signal, but lets you play the notes on a MIDI keyboard? The reason I ask is the full fledged wind controllers are quite expensive, but the actual breath tracking would be amazing to have.

    I'll post a short clip here too if anyone's interested in the sound of The Trumpet. This is using EWQLSO Silver and The Trumpet. Just some simple playing with the expression pedal, not much extra modulation involved.


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    Re: "The Trumpet": another "day 1" recording

    I use the BC-3 Breath Controller from Yamaha to generate the controller data.
    Works like a charme.

    But you either need a keyboard with a dedicated breathcontrol input or a converter from MIDI Solutions that converts breath Control to any other MIDI controller.


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