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Topic: Bolder Sounds FREE Giga download

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    Bolder Sounds FREE Giga download

    Hello All,
    At the Bolder Sounds website(http://www.boldersounds.com/) we have a regular-irregular posting called the S.O.W. or \"Sound of the Week\".
    When this idea was origonally conceived the intention was to post free sample downloads for sampler users each week. But since preperation time for these downloads sometimes took as much as a week to finish, they actually are posted more like once a month.... so perhaps \"Sound Of This Particular Week\" is more appropriate.

    Never the less........ the current SOW is a percussion set made with a washing machine and dryer. There are both hits and loops (11.9 MB - [7.6 MB zipped] for download) created in GigaStudio version 2 files.

    There\'s definitely some interesting percussive sonic material here.... a great deal of creative programming could syill be done with these files, I just \"scratched the surface\".

    These are high quality stereo samples created with a set of Neumann KM 183s and a Grace Designs mic preamp. There is also a read me file in the zipped package with more detailed notes on the programming and creation of these files.

    Just go to the Bolder site and on the home page there is a link on the right side of the page which says FREE STUFF.... follow that link to the GigaStudio version, there is also a Kurzweil set there if you happen to be a Kurz. user also.

    Let me know what you think of them... have fun!

    Dennis Burns - Bolder Sounds - Boulder Colorado

    CD ROMS \"Eclectic\" - \"Granular\" - & \"Bolder Pianos\"

    for Gigasampler, Akai, Kurzweil & Emu Samplers.

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    Re: Bolder Sounds FREE Giga download

    Has anybody converted this to Giga format using Translator? I have the original and was thinking of getting the upgrade.


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