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Topic: Apocalypse

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    I should be done with Voices of the Apocalypse version 2 tomorrow. If you own it, email me with your address, for your new disks. Its smokin\'

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    Re: Apocalypse

    And your email address is... ?

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    Re: Apocalypse

    Its in the booklet.

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    Re: Apocalypse

    >Its in the booklet.


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    Re: Apocalypse

    >Its in the booklet.

    Ever the diplomat, that Nick.

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    Re: Apocalypse

    Sorry, I was trying to avoid requesting proof of ownership. Stupid, in retrospect.

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    Re: Apocalypse

    Found it, in the booklet.

    Emailed my invoice number from Sounds Online and date of purchase too.

    I understand your concerns about piracy, but go easy on the actual owners.

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