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Topic: Maiden's Prayer

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    Maiden's Prayer

    Here's a bit Texas-swing tune:

    This "Strad" is hard to tackle, but someday......(sigh...)
    = Bluegrass, Irish, Old-Time, Texas-Style =
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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    Good job! Nice rendering.

    I grew up with music like this among the piney woods of East Texas.

    Where do you live? You must be a Southern boy.

    Maybe you should do "Faded Love" next. Are you familiar with that good old country song?


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    Thank's Larry

    LOL! I'm not a Southern boy, I live in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

    OK, next project will be "Faded Love" from Bob Wills, think I will make a twin / triple fiddle arrangement.
    = Bluegrass, Irish, Old-Time, Texas-Style =
    -> http://www.bluegrassmidisound.eu <-

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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    We don't get a lot of ole country in here, so the change of pace was nice. As always, the Strad sounds great.

    Nice mix overall.


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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    This is great!

    You nailed the style dead-on with the Strad -- extremely realistic performance. I could smell the hay in the big red barn out back! What did you use for the guitar and piano sounds??

    Thanks for sharing this little gem! As Ron (Rolifer) pointed out, there's not a lot of this type of music shared here; it was a breath of fresh country air!


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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    Thank's Danny !

    The piano sound is from the VSL library that came with Kontakt and the guitar was a sort of "too" close mice recording with my son's guitar ( yep, I'm a newbe in homerecording ) but fooling around with all those instruments and sounds is fascinating!!
    = Bluegrass, Irish, Old-Time, Texas-Style =
    -> http://www.bluegrassmidisound.eu <-

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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    Great to have this old time music here once in a while. My 3 uncles used to play a similar style to this year ago and we's all a long way from Texas, so the roots of this music are a bit off shore I would think.

    Great job with the Strad by the way as I know from personal experience how hard it can be. You obviously have some fiddle sense too!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Maiden's Prayer

    Peerke, heck of good job capturing style on this;
    that Strad sounds right at home and real as a rooster
    with a hen giving him the eye... lol. (I'm not quite
    sure what that means, actually. Ask Larry, he'd know.)

    Nice job on this, and fine handling of the Strad to get
    it so comfortable out in the barn like that!

    My best,


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