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Topic: GS3 issues and config help (nvidia driver?)

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    GS3 issues and config help (nvidia driver?)

    Hey guys,

    I've been plagued by Unknown System Errors on two different machines both running new nvidia cards. When I removed the drives and just ran on the default VGA driver they behaved much better, but the video is awful and windows keeps trying to add a new driver. Does anyone have a recommended driver for the 7 and 8 series geforce cards? The latest doesn't appear to work well on my machines.



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    Re: GS3 issues and config help (nvidia driver?)

    I believe that in Windows you can also reduce the amount of optimization for video cards. When I was still using Giga 2 on Windows 98 I had to reduce it with one step for one of my machines.

    Maybe this can help you out, you don't need fast graphics on a Giga machine anyway and you probably even won't notice.

    Control Panel > Display properties > Settings tab > Advanced button > Troubleshooting tab > Hardware accelation slider
    (yes, a weird long path...)



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    Re: GS3 issues and config help (nvidia driver?)

    Thanks Peter. I'll give it a try.

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