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Topic: On the subject of Albeniz

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    On the subject of Albeniz

    I've not posted anything before. I dont know if it will be up to listening.

    Prelude for "Songs of Spain"


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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz

    This is certainly "up for listening" and a very enjoyable listen it was. I was always aware that his works originated on the piano, but for me they are forever embedded in my brain as part of the classic guitar repertoire. I think because they are based on Spanish folk tunes that he probably heard played on the guitar, most of his Spanish suite sound absolutely guitaristic. This is a great example of the Spanish influence and I think his song "Asturias" must be based on this. I can't hear it but I think of Manuel Barrueco in the back seat of that Lexus, playing it for the commercial.
    Thanks for sharing this, bring us some more. Regards, John

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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz


    Nice playing and a good chance to hear some of the
    music of Albeniz. He was a very good composer
    in my estmation.

    If the pedalling just before the ending is written in,
    I'll buy it; otherwise, I think a tad too much.

    Good to have you here Buckshead.

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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz

    This is Spanish at its core and very listenable. Never hesitate to post in here. It is the best way to learn.

    Look forward to more.


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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz

    Nice job on this, very enjoyable to listen to. I do love this genre!... and you handled it well.

    I do agree that the pedal seemed a tad overdone toward the end, but a very minor quibble. This is well-done and a very worthy effort. Thanks for posting this!


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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz

    Thanks for the kind comments. The pedal follows the marks in the score, but it does seem to ring. I'm not sure exactly how to cope with pedals like this. maybe one should lift the pedal before it becomes too much, but then that differs from the score.

    I've only just learnt here that some sustain pedals can be partial, I mean to try this on a real piano, there is no variable sustain on the piano I used (GPO)

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    Re: On the subject of Albeniz

    Quite an able treatment of the Albeniz, Buckshead;
    with justice done to the vigor and spirit of the piece.

    Pedaling to score with the GPO can be problematic
    in that, as you note, it doesn't provide proportional
    sustain. One trick I've used with a little success
    (it depends on the material) is to lift the pedal
    several times across the as-writ duration, which,
    if you juggle it just right, reduces the sense of
    ringing and over-pedaling. I think that might work

    The Garritan Authorized Steinway does, of course,
    provide a means of partial pedal. May I hope that
    you're able to procure a copy in the future... from
    what I've heard in this well done rendition, it would
    be a great pleasure under your hands!

    My best,


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