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Topic: Title talk...

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    Title talk...


    I'm preparing to (self) publish a CD with my contemrporay classical works (concert hall music, rather). And I have a small problem, since I want everything to be the best I can:

    I have a GREAT (imho of course...) piece for a violin duet, which is named as "my ~~~~~~~~ life". It's great, really: www.nikolas-sideris.com/stuff/my%20~~~~ing%20life.mp3

    But I have doubts if such a title is appropriate for a CD of classical music (the CD will have a different tittle. Just want a track named after that, from a piece named like that). I personally have no problem and feel that the title is very much fitting the music, and it's exactly how I felt at the time and how I wrote the piece. But I can see in the near future a few people being offended by the title alone. So I want to see how you feel in generally about such a title.

    I would create a poll, only I can't in NSS...

    So any comments I would gladly appreciate.


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    Re: Title talk...

    Hello Nicholas, I couldn't get the link to work, but I used the website link in your signature and got to your web site, which is very nicely done.

    My personal feeling is that there isn't much to be gained by using the title for your CD. If it was intended for a young audience of rock/pop/rap, etc. type music it might be more appropriate. I grew up in the 60's and have a little personal experience with trying to shock the older generations, and my feeling now is that it just isn't worth it. I don't think you necessarily have to censor yourself, just be honest about what is appropriate for any given situation. I'm sure you will work this out for the best. Good luck with your project! John

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    Re: Title talk...


    Link won't work because of the naming... Whoops... NSS forums won't allow that name, even on links... Ah well... Anyone who wants to listen will have to enter my website at www.nikolas-sideris.com and go to the samples section, classical and find the track in question.

    John, thanks for your comment, just need to make something more clear, which is not showing on my first post! I won't be naming the CD like that, just a track inside the CD, the said track.

    But thanks, and what you say really stands true I think. I'm not really trying the shock value of such a track... I don't even consider the word shocking enough...

    Again, thanks for posting. I will edit my above post, to make sure everyone understands I want a title named after that in the CD, not name the whole CD like that. I wouldn't want that!

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    Re: Title talk...

    My opinion would be to find a less offensive word.
    Maybe you could use something like "tormented", or "exasperated", or come up with something else along that line.


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    Wink Re: Title talk...

    At first, I thought you meant to actually have the tildes. It reminded me of some of Anthony Braxton's rather odd algebraic titles.

    But now that I know what you mean, I'd say keep it. Of course it will offend some people, but my guess is that you are not intending this piece for an educational or theological audience.

    On line, you will get 100s (if not more) of extra hits by curious people.

    As for performance, the world is full of young, ridiculously talented classical performers who love to thumb their noses at the establishment. I can easily see your piece being championed by an up and coming new music ensemble eager to get noticed.

    Of course, you could use it as a subtitle and have it both ways. Call it something like Violin Duet ("my ~~~~~~~~ life"). Then people could chose to include or omit the subtitle depending on the circumstances.

    Good luck with your ~~~~~~~~ piece.

    - k
    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

    - Andy Warhol

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    Re: Title talk...

    Go with your heart.

    If you think it is right then use it, but I would be careful not to offend anyone.

    Only you can decide whether the name is appropriate.

    Think also that a name like that will have an impact on the other pieces as well.

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    Re: Title talk...

    Well, I don't find the title offensive, but it is a bit jarring. I would consider a different descriptive term or phrase that would grab attention and not turn it away immediately.


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    Re: Title talk...

    I think that the way the title sounds, I'm taken into the "emo" fields...

    Oh my life. What I've been through. My huge problems. Boo hoo hoo. And here's a violin duet, liek a fugue to prove my huge problems with my life!

    I'm really torn with this. Don't know yet. Maybe alcohol will help my decision! (I'm kidding of course)

    I just have to ponder on this a bit more I guess.

    Any other opinions are most welcome! I appreciate your input!

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