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Topic: Proportional pedaling on G.A. Steinway?

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    Proportional pedaling on G.A. Steinway?

    Finally get to use this wonderful Steinway, but I have one problem. I can't seem to get the proportional pedaling function to work on it. The manual doesn't really tell you how to use it.

    I have the sustain resonance and sympathetic resonance turned ON.
    I'm guessing that you vary controller 64 from 1 to 125 in your sequencer to obtain various half-pedaling, that is if you are not using a continuous controller pedal.

    However, even with a value of "1" in controller 64, I get full sustain on, no proportionality at all. Anyone have any ideas as to what I need to do?
    Thanks, Cass

    (using sonar 6 on one computer, G.A.S. on another as VST plugin , using FX teleport to transfer audio and mid.)

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    Re: Proportional pedaling on G.A. Steinway?


    I think this is a known issue and will be improved in a coming update.

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