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Topic: Snorlax drying out

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    Snorlax drying out

    A euphonium player named Snor
    Had water come through every door
    and window and toilet (he just couldn't foil it);
    His basement is finished no more...

    The basement bathroom's new sink
    was emitting a noxious, foul stink.
    We determined for sure it came up from the sewer,
    brown water we better not drink...

    Twenty-one hundred square feet
    of carpet went out on the street,
    pulled up from the floor, thrown out the front door,
    the refuse collectors to greet...

    Rare vinyl jazz records of Snor's
    and hundreds of books and more scores--
    The Brubecks and Mahlers, worth thousands of dollars--
    were covered by mold and green spores.

    While people may think we were cursed,
    Our damage was not Franklin's worst.
    While somewhat distressing, we count every blessing,
    by insurance in part reimbursed.

    Drying out slowly but surely...
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Snorlax drying out

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Had something similar happen to me a few years back. Threw out all memorabilia of high school and college, and several thousand worth of moldy scores. Good luck with your clean up.
    Glad you're okay.

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    Re: Snorlax drying out

    It is indeed a blessing to be able to look at what many of us would consider to be devastating and put a humorous spin on it. You could look at it as saving your kids the decisions of what to throw away and what to keep when they inherit your estate.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: Snorlax drying out

    Great limericks from Snorlax by far!
    And me hopes your light heart it not mar.
    For mold will soon die
    and water will dry,
    And tonight you'll not sleep in the car!

    Give your family a good hug and a squeeze.
    And in this I do not humor or tease.
    They're your great treasure, tis true,
    (though your basements a loo)
    I say this sincerely-- completely void cheese!

    Hang in there Snorlax!
    Garritan on GarageBand '08 using Intel iMac with 1.5G RAM
    Listen to my collection here

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    Re: Snorlax drying out

    Man, professor ... Hope everything turns around for the better for you and yours!

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