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Topic: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

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    Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    Hi all,

    Funky trumpets, in the style of Earth, Wind & Fire are notoriously difficult to emulate with virtual instruments.

    Here we report a comparison between an original funky phrase in the style of EWF, played by a real trumpet (courtesy of Journeyman, aka Mark Falchook), and the same phrase played with Samplemodeling "The Trumpet" (performance by Maciej Mulawa).

    The original and reproduced phrases (.wav files), along with the Cubase CPR, and the extracted midi file, can be downloaded from our website: http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/science.php .

    For those with scientifically oriented minds, the results of the comparative analysis by our Adaptive Model (PDF file) are also available.

    When comparing the real vs. virtual recording, please consider that the original one has some leakage from three additional horns, playing lower lines, whereas "The Trumpet" is strictly monophonic, anechoic, no ambience added.


    Giorgio & Peter

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    Re: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    Hi Mr. Giorgio!

    Just amazing! Congrats once more!



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    Re: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    Hi Giorgio,

    as I said in other threads, the great illustrations from the scientific viewpoint are very interesting!

    Before you posted this I never have thought about this.

    Very coooool!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    That's am impressive audio demo.

    I am currently building up my libraries using GS4 and have several libraries I am using.

    Chris Hein Horns, First Call Horns, and Screaming Trumpets have done a decent job of allowing me to create some good sections, and this would definately be a welcome addition.

    I am curious if it would work w/ Gigastudio 4 being the VST host w/ XP64 bit O.S.

    There is a list being compiled of K2 & K3 instruments that are compatible.

    I sure hope this fine sounding K2 app could be added.

    The price is wisely chosen as well.

    Nice Job.

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    Re: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    Hi scope4live,

    thank you for your nice opinion :-)
    The current Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3 versions are not compatible with the 64 bit O.S. They may work, but will be probably quite unstable. However, according to Native Instruments, the next K3 update (coming soon) will be suitable for the 64 bit systems. In this case we expect no problems - provided that you use the K3 trumpet patches, included in the product. They are K3-optimised, compensating the sound differences between K2 and K3.



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    Re: Funky EWF, real vs. Samplemodeling Trumpet

    Dear Friends,

    if you want to monitor the current developement of the Kontakt 3, and, for example, find out whether it supports 64 bit systems already, simply follow the link:




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