Okay, we just started using the Garritan libraries (bought them last Christmas), and have some questions. We like the ability to custom control things like bowing directions and so forth, but all the instructions on how to do that seem to assume that you're entering the bowing as you play the part on a keyboard. In our case, we have some older MIDI files that we want to import into CuBase SX3, assign voices to them, and then add the bowing and other nice touches that should (hopefully) make the songs sound so much better.

So far, by just using the GPO instrument voices, the songs sound much better than they did using the default MIDI voices. However, we want to juice them up even more.

So the question is, how do I add up/down bowings (and other similar touches) to an already existing MIDI track?

For the record, we use Noteworthy Composer as our notation software, then import the MIDI into CuBase SX3 for mixing.