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Topic: Questions about a few non-orch libraries

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    Re: Questions about a few non-orch libraries

    Its a kick *** library. Very Inspiring. Buy the Audio verwsion, it comes with an Audio disc and a Wav disc.

    Tehrere are a bazzillion lop libraries out there, but I have to say this one\'s got \"style\" it has more attitude than most loops libraries. It takes to Cutting and stutters really well.

    There aren\'t any \"kits\" but you can cut stuff up and re-arrange. Recycle type stuff works good on it. Acid likes it as well

    Another cool library to check out are the Dance Mega Drums series. Its a bunch of loops cut up into pieces. So each key is a \"hit\". Really good for layering or creating beats out of different sounds. Thousands of them. great for making loops throwing into Acid and tweaking. One REDALLY cool thing to do with it, is to set the Pitch bendc to 12 in the GSEDit, then play a beat while pitch shifting up and down in a rhymtic pattern. Its tweaky, but I love it.

    For Fat Bow slim and live beat Beck-ish type stuff. I\'m not sure about libraries with lots of live breaks, but what I do is make my own beat in giga with RGD, limit the heck out of it, then layer in some electronic stuff (usually kicks and tombo)from Dance Mega drums. Lots of 8th/16th tamborine stuff . Some syncopation in the snare. Once you limit it you get all the room, and soudns great. Another thing to do it to lightly distort parts or time stretch parts.

    About BT. Its really inspired me to make some really cool loops of my own. They have that \"howd he do that\" type feeling I get from alot of Distorted Reality stuff. One sounds like he used a doppler effect but also did some sort of weird distortion that I can\'t figure out. Its really \"out there\" in terms of production, but every thing is usable, so the \"out there\" part of it just adds to the attitude.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Questions about a few non-orch libraries

    You might want to check out RetroFunk which can be found at www.ilio.com. Library has raw loops, giga instruments with loops, and Groove Control programs. Pretty cool (very cool with other Groove Control libs).

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    Re: Questions about a few non-orch libraries

    I sorta like BT breaks.
    Mostly I would have liked more variations of the loops.
    All too often I find something I like but wish there was a remix of it or slight variations of the pattern.
    The spectrasonics discs do this very well.
    So BT tends to get the recycle treatment with various levels of success.
    Once chopped up I have started making my own kits out of some of the sounds. Nice.

    Do not underestimate retrofunk and backbeat.
    The groove control versions make tweeking your own beats easy.

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    Re: Questions about a few non-orch libraries

    I would also recommend \'Metamorphosis\' (www.ilio.com). It\'s got some real cool loops from experimental, trip hop type stuff to some big beat and you can adjust the loops to whatever tempo you\'d like via groove control and you have the option of having individual drum hits from every loop to create your own drum loops. At $199.00 it\'s a great deal .

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    Questions about a few non-orch libraries

    BT\'s Breaks... Who has this? Any comments?

    Anyone know the diff between the audio/wav and Giga versions, other than the latter already being programmed? Really I don\'t suppose I need anything other than the wavs.

    Basically, I\'m looking for drum loops (and even some kits would be nice) for Fatboy Slim-like or Beck-ish songs. I\'m kinda ignorant when it comes to this side of \"what\'s out there\".

    So, what else is nice for these styles, drum-related or otherwise? Any Ilio/Spectrasonics stuff?

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