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Topic: Hey Bela D - Nice Job!

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    Hey Bela D - Nice Job!

    Had the pleasure of checking out a colleague's project which uses the Celtic Winds. Only lasted a few minutes, but hearing the cues and tapping on the keyboard a bit was enough to tell that this library kicks!

    Nice Job, Tari + Company. Also thanks on Adam's behalf to Dawn for helping him stay sane when getting emergency gear and libs to Atlantic Canada on a deadline was proving difficult. The poor guy had lost a work machine and got nothing but shrugs from the people he was paying for replacement tools...except Dawn.

    All's well now. Yay Bela D


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    Re: Hey Bela D - Nice Job!

    Glad we could be of service and thank you for your kind words!
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    Re: Hey Bela D - Nice Job!

    Dawn's always been great about shipping and the whole team has always strived for the most authentic-sounding libs that we can accomplish.
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