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Topic: Vst with Kontakt 2?

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    Vst Kontakt 2 hosts?

    How do Vst plugins work with kontackt player 2? Do they work?
    I downloaded different plugins into the vst plugins folder under Kontakt player 2 and nothing has happened.
    I am assuming that that is not how it works......

    what I am asking is how does Kontakt work with vst plugins? or does it not work at all unless it has a host?

    However the real root of the problem is that I need Kontakt to be able to play soundfonts. Because I don't have sufficient funds to get a more expensive soundfont player or sequencer. I have tried a bunch of free soundfont players and they all are low-quality.

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    Re: Vst with Kontakt 2? Soundfonts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualshock View Post
    How do Vst plugins work with kontackt player 2?
    They don't. You need a common host for both KP2/K2/3 as well as third party FX plugins.

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    Re: Vst with Kontakt 2?

    I see any good low-budget options?

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    Re: Vst with Kontakt 2?

    Bidule. That's $75.

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