I like to use fullGPO in Finale 2008a especially because human playback (HP) can add realism at my score. I discover (maybe I am the last to discover this...) that any note that was less than about 0.27 sec was detected by Finale as a detache note. And the threshold is very fixed in sec because if you increase the tempo, same notes that was previously detected legato was suddenly detected detache. So I think that it was a good idea to take account this particularity to increase the realisme by using the detache (alternating bowing) KS for strings section !

So I change the HP setting to incorporate a new articulation for my strings sections. It triggs the good KS (D-2 I think) to select the good sample bank. And it is works. If the note duration was less than 0.27sec, the detache KS was send. And if the note longer than 0.27sec, it send the legato KS. BUT...

The volume of legato KS was controlled by CC#1... and the volume of detache KS was control by the key velocity. OK, I can program that in my articulation setup. BUT... when I make them, I easily ear a big difference in volume between both articulations. The detache passage was almost always louder than the legato passage.

How can I correct that ? in order to use all the possibilities of my full GPO in Finale ???

Francois Harel
Montreal, Canada