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Topic: OT: The Kindness of Strangers

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    OT: The Kindness of Strangers

    I had a problem with my car today, due entirely to my own careless. I know better, just did not check carefully enough. Approaching a traffic light on the edge of town, the engine died, and while I was trying to figure out what happened, a Deputy Sheriff pulled up behind me, said it looked like I was overheating, which I was. He pushed my car off the roadway, into the shade, offered to call help if needed, but I have a cell phone. Very kind & helpful. I will call the office and praise him.

    Then, just a few minutes later, another car pulled up behind me. Two young women came up and offer help, hauled out a gallon of coolant, made a makeshift funnel out of a piece of cardboard, and we put some fluid in the reservoir, and I was able to continue home. It was a completely full gallon of 50-50 antifreeze, and I tried to pay them for it, but they wouldn't think of it. Someone had given it to them for emergency use.

    These young women not only stopped to help, but had to go a fair distance to turn around and come back to my location! I don't know their names, but I will tell the local newspaper of their good deeds.


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    Re: OT: The Kindness of Strangers

    Richard -

    They weren't strangers . . . they were friends whose names you never knew.


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