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Topic: OT-Sting song

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    OT-Sting song

    This morning I heard the song: An englishman in NewYork (or similar title - at least the words were that way) by Sting. This is really a great orchestration, melody, harmonic progression. I enjoyed it very, very much. Why can't more (pop)-music be like this?


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    Re: OT-Sting song

    Hello, Raymond - It's been so long since I've had the chance to send you a greeting. Hello!

    As for the question, "...Why can't more (pop)-music be like this?..." --The answer is simply that there just aren't too many fantastic musicians like Sting in the pop world. He's been bringing such a unique and sophisticated blend of rock and jazz to his pop music for many years now and I couldn't name you anyone I admire more in that field.

    Side note of interest: Years ago when I'd written the first version of my musical based on "Dorian Gray," I had agents who were actively pursuing Sting to play the lead role. That was in the '80's when he was the right age. He would have been so perfect. It didn't work out, but it was an exciting time back then when My People were talking with His People. -- Then I put "Dorian" aside for a few decades, brushed off the dust a few years ago and completely re-wrote the show, as you know.

    Long live Sting!

    Randy B.

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    Re: OT-Sting song

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Anymore - have a pretty face, you gotta shot. the music? secondary.
    . . .and b**bs. Gotta have b**bs with that pretty face or no record deal.


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    Re: OT-Sting song

    Quote Originally Posted by robh View Post
    . . .and b**bs. Gotta have b**bs with that pretty face or no record deal.

    I've seen: "Men in tights" of Mel Brooks, but "Men with b**bs" is new to me.


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    Re: OT-Sting song


    I think the answer to why there isn't better popular music has to do with the typical buying age of the music public. Over the last 5 decades, it has grown younger and younger. I was a kid when the Beatles hit - I couldn't afford to buy their records - had to save up a lot - so I wasn't the target audience. Now, 8 year-olds have money - or their parent's money - so there is a vast business which caters to them. When people say pop music was better way-back-when, they are right: it was created for an older, more mature consumer.

    Sting has always been a pretty intelligent performer, and while famous, never to the level that certain pop icons have achieved.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: OT-Sting song

    Quote Originally Posted by rpearl View Post
    Just my 2 cents.
    ... and I thought you have to save every penny and now wasting two cents..... a shame!!!!

    You are right. I don't think it is just the age, that does the harm, nor pretty faces or nice looking b++ps (and most of the time we see quite a lot of those, and that isn't necessary at all). I think it is more the "time we live in", everything must be fast, furious, sexy.

    Case closed, because we can go on for ever and ever with this; next time I will pay more attention to Sting, for sure.


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