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Topic: Last Of Fall | short piece

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    Last Of Fall | short piece

    This is just a short piano-tune I made a while ago, I've mainly been finetuning an older work of mine which I posted here too (The November Sun or 17.11.2007), but that doesn't really matter anymore. Also, there's a jazz kind of ballad coming up real soon, after I get the vocal in it as well So that much about background of what I've been up to. Here is the song: Last Of Fall [1.51MB]
    It's only 49 seconds, so I don't know how much impression I could put in it with such a short length, but.. see for yourself
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: Last Of Fall | short piece

    Hi Brindle,

    This is short... but lovely!
    Although I like short pieces I wanted this piece to continue on and on... it is very soothing.
    Thank you for posting!


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    Re: Last Of Fall | short piece


    I, too, would like to have heard more. The piano sounds

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    Re: Last Of Fall | short piece

    Well done - sounds like it has potential to be more. Several nice things happening.

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Last Of Fall | short piece


    As you said this is short, but there is potential for expansion if you wish. A simple tune to be sure, but often times those can turn out to be the best.

    Keep it up


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    Re: Last Of Fall | short piece

    Brief, but beautiful, Brindle.

    (And I get my alliteration opportunity for the day, too.)

    Please, take this further for us! You have a golden
    beginning, here, begging for further development!

    My best,


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