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Topic: I am in trouble - don't answer this

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    I am in trouble - don't answer this

    Why can't the STRAD be easier to handle? Last time that I wrote a piece for solo violin, Randy B. did the STRAD-job. Now I am trying to do that myself, by the way with the same piece [finally found the time and guts to start learning]. But being busy with Expression pedals, together with Modwheel, etc.. one has to have ten-tacles to do it all in once and a multiprocessing brain..... I ran into several difficulties.

    Gary, next time you do something like this, please make it easier.
    But since the wife is on holiday in Spain with her girlfriend, I will spend every hour to learn that bloody thing...... and after several months Gary comes out with the STRAD-ARIA version and then little Raymond can start over again.


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    Re: I am in trouble - don't answer this

    Can't you record your expression and mod wheel in a second and third pass?

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    Re: I am in trouble - don't answer this

    What I've done is record the notes and CC11 on the first pass, then add CC1 for vibrato on the second pass, then draw in aftertouch in the PRV (during which I'll also correct my many playing inaccuracies!) Takes a while, but it works.
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    Re: I am in trouble - don't answer this

    Right now I am doing just the same as you folks, but after having read the manual for the 10th time with all those examples, I began to think of needing a bunch of knobs, wheels, pedals and tentacles to handle them in one go.

    That isn't feasible, I know. So now I am doing one at the time. Besides that, you can dress up a particular note better than "on the fly".

    Raymond - not being a violin player, so everything is just "guessing"

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    Re: I am in trouble - don't answer this

    I assign modwheel to dynamics (timbre) and pitchbend to vib. Then there is a mid-point standard vib which I'm happy to hear when playing in, and then can adjust as nec after. Left hand does keyswitches while playing.

    I found adjusting vibrato afterwards less tedious than dynamics...maybe you could try it my way...

    (PS i have to Gof, but im thinking its pretty much the same...)

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