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Topic: Program Changes and Instrument Banks

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    Program Changes and Instrument Banks

    Here is a question regarding Kontakt and Program Changes...

    I use Cubase Studio 4 with Kontakt 3 Standalone and EWQLSO. To change articulations, I create instruments banks in Kontakt where I load all needed articulations and use Program Changes in CS4 to select the one
    I need. Nothing so special in that setup, it works well exept when I start using CC#11...

    I seems that sometimes, when a Program change is sent to Kontakt, the last CC#11 value is not sent again to Kontakt so the sample is played with a default value instead of the last CC#11 value selected before.

    Anybody have seem this behaviour and have a solution?
    Or I will have to specify the CC#11 value before each Program Change to avoid problems?

    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Program Changes and Instrument Banks

    Ok I think I got an explanation:
    Cubase must have Chase Mode enabled for Program Changes Events, as explained in the following tutorial:

    Nicolas Roy

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