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Topic: Quick uninstall question

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    Quick uninstall question


    I need to free up some space on my app drive and have a question.

    I don't ever use Garritan Studio but do use Personal Orchestra frequently.

    Is it ok to unistall Studio and leave Orchestra? It would be a great help if this works. I am finishing a large project in the next 10 days and will be bringing a new computer online which will satisfy my clogged HD problem.


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    Re: Quick uninstall question

    Studio is no longer supported. Unless you have a specific need for it, you can uninstall it with no consequences.

    I just checked on my computer and Studio only takes up 10mb. I don't see how that could make much of a difference.

    When was the last time your emptied your Wastebasket? How about temp directories and internet cache? Got any videos? Videos take up a HUGE amount of space.

    Otherwise, why not buy an external usb drive? They are very cheap these days. You should be able to find a 500gb drive for less than $150.

    - k
    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

    - Andy Warhol

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    Re: Quick uninstall question


    Thanks for the response!

    My application drive is the one I need to get ironed out just so I can finish a project. I've had a new computer for months but have been reluctant to make the switch as I always have 8-12 projects going on. I run a commecial studio. My app drive is only 40 GB and I have roughly a TB of external storage. My internal drive is only about 50% full as I always move projects to one of the external drive as soon as it's finished.

    But now computer is getting jicky due to app drive being almost full.

    I guess when I glanced at Studio file size, I didn't realize it was only 10 megs...

    Well, looks like I'll be getting the new computer up and going starting tomorrow. (Now, where are all those install disks, serial numbers and authorizations...?)

    Hold me...

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