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Topic: The perfect CD?

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    The perfect CD?

    "... This version is by Stefan Hussong, taken from a Denon CD (18069) dedicated to Cage compositions on accordion."

    An entire CD dedicated to accordion music by John Cage?

    I know what all my friends are getting for Xmas this year!

    - k
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    - Andy Warhol

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    Re: The perfect CD?

    Quote Originally Posted by klassical View Post
    An entire CD dedicated to accordion music by John Cage?
    What is it, a collection of 12 renditions of 4'33 for accordion?
    They probably market it as easy-listening music.

    I confess, I rip off 4'33 all the time in the films I compose for... Sometimes there is more 4'33 in there than anything else.
    Hey, if that counts as music.... can you get payed for "writing" wall-to-wall music in a film even if you only write 20 minutes of "audible music"?

    Somehow I don't think that would catch on with filmmakers.
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    Re: The perfect CD?

    Klassical - you got too many friends then? This won't be a problem after Christmas
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