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Topic: Any Sonar + Kontakt 3 users ? Master/Slave DAW ?

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    Any Sonar + Kontakt 3 users ? Master/Slave DAW ?

    This topic has probably been addressed before, but up to now, I have not found 1 single post that actually explained what is needed to connect a Master DAW + Slave DAW.
    I know there is FX Teleport, and Midi-Over-LAN and I know you connect them with a crossover cable. But does anyone uses Sonar and Kontakt 3 that has a setup of a master + slave using either FX Teleport or Midi-Over-Lan ?

    I am just looking for information or instructions that can guide me through everything. I have 2 PC's (1 Dual Core 2 with 2 Gig RAM) and 1 (AMD 64 x 2 Dual Core with 4 Gig RAM). I am currently using only the Dual Core 2 with 2 Gig RAM and have 4 esata sample drives connected to it.

    So I want to connect those 2 computers together. I would love just to use my AMD 64 bit as my master and the Dual Core 2 with 2 Gig RAM as slave, cause I do not want to install all the samples again on a new computer. BUT WHERE DO I START ?

    1. What do I need ? (Network Card, Cable)
    2. Do I need 2 soundcards in each machine or just a soundcard in my sampling (Slave) DAW ?
    3. Is my standard Gigabyt LAN on both computers good enough or do I need to buy new network cards ?
    4. The MOL and FX Teleport sites provides installation instructions, but no instructions as to setting up everything in Sonar and Kontakt 3
    5. How do you enable a project using samples that is on a separate Slave DAW ?
    6. Do I run only standalone Kontakt 3 instances on my SLAVE ?
    7. Usually in Sonar I would just insert a VSTI. What would be different now when I want to insert a synth with samples on separate drive ?

    I wish I could hire someone to just come to my studio, look at it, and get what I need and set it up for me. Or at least find someone online that is willing to guide me through this entire process.

    Like I said, the other forums and post on this, only talks about which is better MOL or FX Teleport. And no one really tells you have they did everything step by step.

    Anyone gracious enough to do this ?

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    Re: Any Sonar + Kontakt 3 users ? Master/Slave DAW ?

    This is covered in detail in Virtual Instruments magazine. I don't recall the issue number but they did a great job. The PDFs for back issues are available at their site virtualinstrumentsmag.com. Good luck!
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