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Topic: Overture 4 and EWQLSO Gold

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    Question Overture 4 and EWQLSO Gold

    Hi all,

    I'm considering buying overture after playing with the demo. I've been looking for a while for a piece of notation software with stable VST support and a good sequencer in its back-end and Overture seems to fit the bill.

    I've got a few questions:

    1. What level of realism can be acheived using Overture? It'd be nice to hear some pieces composed purely in this software without being polished in a sequencer if possible, particularly ones that use EastWest Gold.

    2. Am I right in going for Overture and dismissing Sibelius? I've had Sibelius 5 for a while now and whilst I prefer its note entry method it never renders my dynamics and midi controls correctly, something which the seemingly much more mathematical Overture would do. Is Overture being updated constantly or is it a piece of software which is being usurped by the big boys in the market, and which may, in a few years not exist?

    3. Any other bits of advice would be great!


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    Re: Overture 4 and EWQLSO Gold

    Overture 4 is able to play GPO. You could also tried Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer.

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    Re: Overture 4 and EWQLSO Gold

    After checking out the demos of several notation programs, I decided on Overture. It's buggy. I have switched to Finale.

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