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Topic: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

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    SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Besides \"End of Days\" that used SOV in the soundtrack, does anybody know of any other movie/TV soundtracks that are either using the SOV or VoTA samples?

    How about the current trailers for \"Time Machine\" (does that sound like VoTA) or \"Spiderman\"?

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    I know SOV is all over the place in the movie world.
    Elfman uses them all the time, I know that.

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Speaking of Spiderman trailer, does anybody know what is that piece in the last part of the trailer...the one, with choir, rock drums and bass...sounds like trevor rabin, but better....hehe...
    So anybody have a clue where is this from?
    Oh, and IMHO thats real choir, there\'s no way those are samples....if I\'m wrong and that is VOTA, I\'ll purchase it asap...hehe


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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    It\'s a real choir, Lex. www.esposthumus.com


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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Wow, Thomas!! That is one incredible CD. Thanks for pointing it out. I just ordered myself a copy.

    Do you know if those guys have any other CDs out or is that their only one?

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Zimmer used the boys choir \"Agnus Dei\" in one of the cues from Hannibal.

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies


    Thanks a bunch dude..I love that track (Pompeii)..
    damn, now I\'m going to order a cd, listen Pompeii zillion times, and for next couple of months everything I write will be a bleach copy of it....LOL!..
    Thanks again, do you know anything about the band , who are they?


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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Damon - is the cue you are talking about from SOV?

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    While End of Days did use the prominent SOV sample as well as heavily tweaked boys choir - it also features a large palette fo custom vocal samples.

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    Re: SOV and VoTA in the Movies

    Dream Wake.

    SOV is all over stigmata. Armageddon sounds like SOV in places. The minority report trailer and Time MAchine TV spot sounds like VotA, but I\'m not sure if it is. It soudns liek the same piece thats in the Demo,a nd I think Nick did the music,.....but I think there are some real voices mixed in, or its a real choir. the horn and electronics sound a little better too.... Tho it could just be mastering.

    Elfman does sound like he uses SoV alot, but also sounds like he uses real voices alot too.

    I\'m curious how Vocal PLanet is being/gonne be used. I haven\'t heard whats on that library so I\'d probably be ignorant if it was

    Really...I am an Idiot

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