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Topic: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

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    Steinway VST - External HDD ?


    Just receive the product, I can't find enough free space except my USB External HDD.
    Does anyone works with this setup ?


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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    Don't do this. Not fast enough data transfer. Better buy another internal HD and keep the external for backups.


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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    Raymonds right, you can easily add another drive. Its actually very easy to do.
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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    I'll check this but I already have 7 HDD in it

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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    It can run off of external eSata's just fine, if that's a route you're able to explore. My guess is firewire will be OK too. David has mentioned that the RAM caching in Aria is intelligently designed to lessen the need for streaming.


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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    I don't know if this is helpful, but I've been running the
    G.Steinway off an external USB drive since I started
    with it way back in beta testing.

    It's a 300G Maxtor, couple of years old, nothing special.
    My PC's a three-year-old Dell, so nothing special there,

    I've experienced no problems of any kind, with quite
    extensive use of the G.Steinway.



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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    There's nothing implicitly wrong about running sample libraries off of an external hard drive. Having alot of RAM helps, (2gb + seems like the practical minimum these days) as does having a fast external (7200rpm+).

    In order of preferability, the drive would interface with your computer via eSata, then Firewire 800, Firewire 400, USB 2.0.

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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    I run the Steinway from a Lacie 120GB external HD
    connected to my Mac Pro (2.66Ghz, 4GB RAM) and
    it works great. Steinway ARIA program is on Mac
    HD, samples on external HD (7200rpm).
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    Re: Steinway VST - External HDD ?

    Finally, I erased a couple of "old" libraries but this information could be useful for some users! Thanks!

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