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Topic: Strad needs tuning???? artifacts????

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    Strad needs tuning???? artifacts????

    Found out that at least the following notes need some adjustment (where C3=middle C):

    B3, D#4, F#4

    Some samples have a lot of noise (not bow noise, because one cannot set that in the STRAD).

    On occasions the STRAD within Sonar 5 Prod, needs almost all CPU power, without any reason. Cannot reproduce that, but it is a nasty thing because when playing back with orchestra, the whole lot stalls. It mostly occurs when I alter something at CC-level (e.g. #67, Aftertouch, #11 or velocity).

    I've set the instrument to only react on CC's only (not pedal with CC).


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    Re: Strad needs tuning???? artifacts????

    I was recently in contact with Garritan about the noise in the samples and was more or less told that the company is unwilling to do anything about the flaws in their product. So, good luck.

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