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Topic: delays in Grandioso+Musikmesse

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    delays in Grandioso+Musikmesse

    Bad news for those waiting for the GRANDIOSO library. The Grandioso cd\'s will be delivered to us at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany (that part is good) but without the luxery box to hold the cd\'s and the booklet. The cd\'s will have a full-colour 25 page manual and a nice box to store the cd\'s and the manual. The box is made by a Dutch factory that uses ancient machines and now needs another week to handle our order. This means we\'ll have to accept a delay in the release of the library.
    In the mean time we\'ll have the websites of Post Musical Instruments and Post Audio Media fully re-build. That was an absolute must. And it will make the search for our demo\'s and product info a lot easier. I hope to open them before the first day of the Musikmesse. I also invite evryone in the forum here to visit us at Musikmesse: Hall 5.0 Stand D11. We have a soundproof cabin to demo our piano and most of the Post libraries. Stop by and say hello!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: delays in Grandioso+Musikmesse

    What a Messe... (sigh)

    Wish I could be there. I\'ve alsays wanted to go to this event, especially since one of our homeboys played the Roland VK77 there a few years back...


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    Re: delays in Grandioso+Musikmesse

    Hey, Michiel, ALWAYS give us your URL, much easier for new folks, especially.

    John Grant

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