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Topic: pettinhouse: directguitar?

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    pettinhouse: directguitar?

    Is anyone using Directguitar by Pettinhouse.
    I like to get some info but i cant even find a way to contact them on the site.
    no email or anything.
    the price is great, but what about the quality?

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    Re: pettinhouse: directguitar?

    There is a demo version available on the site. Did you try that already?
    Will Loconto

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    Re: pettinhouse: directguitar?

    I have it and it's great... definitely a quality library. I'm not very guitar-savvy, so mixing this with some of Logic's preset guitar filters yields very realistic-sounding results.

    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: pettinhouse: directguitar?

    I already have and love his first guitar lib, and just pre-ordered his second one as well:

    His website: http://www.Pettinhouse.com

    His email address: Andrea Pettinhouse info@pettinhouse.com

    You'll find Andrea very pleasant and helpful.

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