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Topic: Scott Joplin at 137 [by Gavin Brown]

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    Thumbs up Scott Joplin at 137 [by Gavin Brown]

    Scott Joplin at 137 [by Gavin Brown]
    Literally, a fragment. I start a lot of songs I don't seem to finish :| One day I started to imagine what Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime, would be composing if he were alive today and fully informed of and influenced by all the crazy music of the twentieth century - the various oddball classical movements, jazz, rock, fusion, whatever! So I wrote this. It's recorded through the computer, but yes, I can also play it myself. If I ever get my piano tuned, I'll record it live
    Genre: Acid Jazz
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    Re: Scott Joplin at 137 [by Gavin Brown]

    Hey Gavin,

    Can't get your tunes to play. My player is Media Monkey and it usually plays these files just fine, but no go...

    Very interested to hear these.



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    Re: Scott Joplin at 137 [by Gavin Brown]

    Dear Steve,

    You're saying you can't play it off the ns.net site?


    If you can't, I'm not sure how to fix it, but I can provide an alternate location for you to get the music from:

    go to:


    Click "MP3s" on the top.

    Click "Fragments" on the list, you'll find the music there. Most, but not all fo the music on ns is there, plus some stuff I have not loaded here.


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