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Topic: Favor: Listen and advise?

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    Favor: Listen and advise?

    Okay, I'm a newbie at this and have put in quite a lot of work on a simple violin solo. It doesn't sound bad, but there are problems that I do not know how to fix. For example, the initial attack on many of the notes are far too heavy, creating emphasis in places where I don't want emphasis.

    The problem is that I've done my best so far, and have no idea how to fix the problems. Would it be possible for some of you experienced in using GPO to listen and provide input on how I can make this better?

    You can find the song in question here.

    ANY advice is welcome. The original score was written in Noteworthy Composer, and I imported it into Cubase SX3 to use GPO (Strad Solo KS).

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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?


    I am using cubase sx3 and I import into it scores I write in a notation program.
    The imported midi usually contains data that I don't want or need. So first thing I do is clean out all this data.

    Open the 'edit in place' of your track, click on little icon at the bottom of the piano keys and choose 'show used controllers'.
    You will then see all the controllers that were imported with your file. You can delete all by going to:

    menu>midi>functions>delete controllers

    Or you can simply erase any data lane you don't want.

    Now you can add the ones you need, like cc64 for a legato, which will remove the attacks.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    Good morning,

    listened to your piece. Yea, you are right, some beginnings are too heavy.
    What I do first, is lowering the velocity drastically when I must play non-legato (beginning of a phrase). If that doesn't help, then (and only then) I introduce CC#64 to get rid of unwanted attacks.

    Normally CC#64 is used for legato playing (I hope you know how to do it with CC-values), but then the notes should overlap a tiny bit. It seemed also helpful, using the CC#64 controller, in non-legato situations, where the notes don't overlap but are exactly adjacent. In other words: when normally a half note takes (in Sonar): 1:860 duration I lengthen these to exactly 2:000.

    Now the notes don't overlap, but with the mechanism of the STRAD somehow the initial attacks aren't so accented anymore. Experiment with this. Hope this helps a bit, and when I am wrong about this, just blame me.


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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    Okay, I'm still not EXACTLY positive which of the MANY changes from the past day actually made the difference, but I believe the heavy attack problem has been solved. The emphasis on the musical phrases is fairly close to what I actually want it to be, so I'm getting pretty happy with it. I posted a modified and remixed version here.

    Again, it uses the GPO Strad Solo KS and I added a "Smooth Room" reverb using Roomworks.

    My question at this point, to those more experienced than I, is this: If this were your project, what would be your next move, your next change (or series of changes) to make this all that it can be?

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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    My next step would be to control the vibrato a touch more.
    A real player will only apply vibrato on longer notes.
    Usually, vibrato will start a bit after the initial attack.
    Shorter notes won't have much at all, if any.

    Small touches of portamento may also add to realism.
    Many times, a player will slide up to a note, ever so slightly.
    Almost imperceptibly.

    I don't have the Strad, but I understand that this is controllable, therefore, I can't tell you how to do it.
    It's a Viking thing.

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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    If you are using the GPO strad solo KS, then vibrato is not controllable, if you are using the Garritan Stradivari Library (which is bought seperately), then you use the modwheel for vibrato, but I think it was stated that you were using the GPO Strad. Just wanted to clarify, as that changes controls quite a bit.


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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    Yes, I'm using the GPO Strad KS patch, not the stand-alone Stradivari product.

    I'm pretty happy with the piece as it stands, but as I'm a newbie, I thought others might have suggestions. As I can't control the vibrato with this patch (do any of the other GPO violin patches allow vibrato control?), I guess I won't even try. As to portamento, I'm not certain that much pitch bending would fit with the overall sound I wanted to achieve. The way it sounds now is pretty much what I was going for, though. I'll try adding some portamento in a couple of spots and see if it makes much difference.

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    Re: Favor: Listen and advise?

    As one fellow newbie to another, I cannot speak to your technical procedures but as a retired teacher of Theory/Composition and as an arranger, I can speak to your music. It is a lovely, haunting and well constructed melody but by keeping it all in the same register, it becomes too repetitious. Try lowering one of your interior phrases an octave and then use double octaves at the end. It cries out for some simple orchestral accompaniment after the exposition of your primary statement.
    You are very wise to start with something simple like this. I started out trying to "tweak" my Jazz Ensemble scores (19 instruments) and I'm still recovering from the disaster.
    The forum members are very generous and gracious with their advice and encouragement. Please add me to that list if you so choose.

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