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Topic: Erik the Flute Maker

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    Erik the Flute Maker - Funny Video

    May be some of you know his website.

    Here is a very funny video by him I have to share with you.

    BTW: Does any of you posess a flute from Erik the flute maker?

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    Re: Erik the Flute Maker

    Hahaha, great video!

    Erik's a very nice guy, and makes quality flutes. I bought a concert-tuned Quena from him a couple of years ago and I really love it. It's a somewhat difficult flute (my chinese Xiao for instance requires much less air and effort than the Quena, and a silver flute is even easier) but it has a really rich, warm sound and is true joy to hear and play. The flute has a pleasing burnt-wood smell to it and is built very solid. If you want any sound samples I can record a clip.

    That video makes me want to buy another flute from him now

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    Re: Erik the Flute Maker

    I've got an Irish Whistle made by Erik. That video inspired me to go back and order a flute.
    Will Loconto

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    Re: Erik the Flute Maker

    Based on his name, he sounds like a dealer for the mob.

    U: I'm looking for the flute-maker. I need a flute
    E: I can gedda good one I can fix you up with. Small, discrete, splits into 3 pieces for easy concealment...
    U: How does it fire?
    E: Sideways. Great for hiding out even in exposed solo passages.
    U: How soon?
    E: If you want it clean, 3 weeks.
    U: How much?
    E: Makea me an offer I can't refuse...

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    Re: Erik the Flute Maker

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Loconto View Post
    I've got an Irish Whistle made by Erik. That video inspired me to go back and order a flute.

    Which one do you own? The Penny Whistle?

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