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Topic: pianoteq and external reverb

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    pianoteq and external reverb

    Just wondering....
    If one wanted to use an external reverb (like altiverb)..would one just turn the pianoteq reverb off or would that adversly affect the lid positions and overall sound?

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    Re: pianoteq and external reverb

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    Re: pianoteq and external reverb

    You would normally turn off the PianoTeq reverb. But experiment--setting different reverb times and lengths using both the internal and an external reverb might create a sound you like. Different frequencies would then decay at different rates. (Try the Ambience reverb vst.) On the other hand, more CPU is going to get taken up.

    If you have a good cpu, also try PianoVerb. If you follow the instructions and lower the body resonance an octave, you can get a wide variety of sounds. Listen to the lower bass in PianoTeq with PianoVerb in the chain with PianoVerb lowered an octave. Again, however, the cpu will take a hit. (With less than a 2 ghz system, you may get a freeze-up after hitting a very few notes: lots of computing going on.)

    More generally, be sure the sound that you are listening to is the result of reverb--in PianoTeq, the Harp\body resonance and the Full Sustain Resonance (on the Options menu in the lower right corner of the interface) may be contributing to what you take to be reverb.

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    Re: pianoteq and external reverb

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Johnson View Post
    If you have a good cpu, also try PianoVerb.
    Are you refering to PSP-Pianoverb freebie? It dont use almost cpu, i believe, it was designed for a pentium 200mhz.

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