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Topic: Who here is from Austin TX?

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    Who here is from Austin TX?

    Hey - I am headed to the game developers conference in Austin this Sept.

    Anyone have a suggestion as to areas to stay away from, hotel-wise? Someone told me stay away from any "east" address, or anything east of I-35. Suggestions?


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    Re: Who here is from Austin TX?

    Well, I’m from Houston, but east of I35 in Austin is not the best part of town – but it’s all relative. East Austin is not exactly like the lower bowels of Camden N.J….LOL (No offence to anyone from Jersey)

    There are some decent places around the intersection of Ben White and I35. Might check those out.

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    Re: Who here is from Austin TX?

    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: Who here is from Austin TX?

    You're best options for quality are downtown, south and west. North is ok, too, depending on where you are. East of I-35 has traditionally been the poorest part of town, and any hotels worth staying at on that side are going to be a good distance away from the convention center downtown. Unless you stay downtown, a rental car is going to be a must. Austin, like all Texas cities is built for cars, not pedestrians or public transit.
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