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Topic: Piano (oh god, not again!)

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    Piano (oh god, not again!)

    First let me state that I have been through all 200 threads that the search engine pulled up regarding pianos.

    I am looking for a killer sample set of a 9\' yamaha grand.
    Think studio piano sound.
    Think Richard Tee

    I own....
    Gigapiano (of course)
    East West Steinway B
    East West Bosen.

    I like each but they are not the sound I am after.
    I want the classic Yamaha grand studio piano sound.
    Anyone make this?????

    My Yamaha Motif has a piano sound in this vein.
    This piano actually is not bad in a mix and does a better job then my giga libraries....
    and its a crappy sampled set!!! Just more in the direction I am after.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
    Sorry for starting yet another \"piano\" thread.


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    Re: Piano (oh god, not again!)

    Hi Ed

    Are you referring to Yamaha\'s electric grand of the 70s and 80s - the CP70 & CP80? Both these instruments have strings, hammers and dampers, but with the addition of guitar-like pickups. Traditionally the sound is heavily chorused. Tony Banks/Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins of Genesis all used them to great effect. If you are, I believe that there are some CP70 samples kicking around on this very site.


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    Re: Piano (oh god, not again!)

    No, I am not after cp 80 samples. (would like to find a used cp 80 though!)

    Most of the studios in NYC have really nice yamaha grands. Big, brite nice recording pianos.

    It seems that sample libraries are focusing more on Stien B, Boesen, and more exotic rare pianos.

    I just want a killer 9ft yamaha grand studio piano sound.
    Check out Lyle Mays Solo piano record. Thats the sound. He used a yamaha diskclavier to trigger the midi stuff. I just love the piano sound!


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    Re: Piano (oh god, not again!)

    Lyle Mays is my all-time favourite player! If you\'re after a decent Yamaha piano, the only one I know of is on the CLP990 digital piano, but that\'s mega bucks!

    Are you sure that something like the Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer with some gentle EQ won\'t get something similar?


    PS I\'m about to buy the Behringer Ultra Curve Pro - as for live use, EQ is SO important when it comes to piano.

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