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Topic: Finale Viewer

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    Finale Viewer

    I installed Finale Viewer and not only didn't it work, it doesn't appear to offer an uninstall option. Another big thing is after I installed it, I opened up some scores in Finale 2007c and first it says the handle is invalid, and then it opens and all the time signatures, key signatures, and noteheads are missing even though I have them enabled in the staff attributes. There aren't even any measures when I try opening it in Finale 2008. Hope someone can help...

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    Re: Finale Viewer


    The Finale Viewer is no longer supported. Of course, a google search led me directly to a page touting its virtues.

    I would have to think you can uninstall it from the control panel (add/remove programs). If not, let me know.

    What you DO want is called FINALE NOTEPAD. You can nab it here .
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    Re: Finale Viewer

    There was a website that had a finale file directly on the webpage and it said I needed Finale Viewer to view it, so Notepad would be able to be used by an internet browser? I've had it before and it seemed like just a really lite version of Finale. And there is no listing of it in the add/remove programs on control panel.

    Edit: Oh and I restarted and both versions of Finale are working again.

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