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Topic: Opinion on this piano sound

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    Opinion on this piano sound


    It's a 2.91 MB file - if you are on dial-up, go make some coffee, or something.

    Wanted to know what the rest of you think of how this sounds - is there too much reverb, to much high end? Any positive thoughts, or ideas on how to change/better this would be appreciated.

    The piece is the opening to "Edge Of Thorns" by Savatage.


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    Re: Opinion on this piano sound

    Hi Jeff, this sound is quite good. I am going to have to be picky in order to give you a suggestion. I am hearing a bit too much of a ringing quality in the high mids of the reverb--not in the piano, just the reverb. Leave the piano as is, but try darkening the reverb in the high mids if that is possible, and see if that sounds better/more natural to you.


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    Re: Opinion on this piano sound

    Hello, thanks for the post - good suggestion.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    Re: Opinion on this piano sound

    To my ears it sounds just slightly too aggressive.. If I were playing this on a real piano I wouldn't be hitting the keys with such velocity throughout the whole thing. It sounds kind of like 'hammering' the keys instead of using the full velocity range. I'd maybe have the highest note at full fortissimo and the rest of the accented notes slightly softer (f or mf). In the clip it sounds like each odd note is played at the highest velocity.

    And yes, there's definately a slight ring in the reverb mid-highs like lontas suggested, but this could possibly be less prominent with some moderation in the dynamics.

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    Re: Opinion on this piano sound

    i agree with both of the other comments, on the reverb and velocity. Something about the reverb feels overly digital and the high mids may be to blame. Also, lighten up on the performance, and it'll add a lot to the realism. Of course, if this is a riff in a power rock ballad, that might not sit to well in the mix, though!

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