I am using GPO with Traction, Kontakt Player 2. When I click on instruments in the Player, I get the drop down and can make a selection.
When I go to set the selection, I can set the volume and pan but as soon as I stop the transport, the volume and pan reset to the original opening
position. I have saved, assigned midi controler knobs, but as soon as the
song stops, they revert back to the original position. Is this telling me there was a problem with the original install (about 6 months ago)?

#2 While trying to find info about this problem, I tried to open my
multi's, but nothing is there. Are multi's somthing I need to create and save? Does GPO Traction come with any Multi's?

The sounds are very good. I would like to use GPO in more songs but
the reset of control positions has me scratching my head.

Anyone have a suggestion?