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Topic: Combining muted and unmuted strings

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    Combining muted and unmuted strings

    Is it usual to combine muted strings with unmuted? I thought about to combine VSL Chamber Strings I with II (muted) to get a bigger sound. Does somebody have both and could post an example of this combination?


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    Re: Combining muted and unmuted strings

    still nobody having both libs?

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    Re: Combining muted and unmuted strings

    I havn`t this libs but would say: experiment! And if you are happy with the result, why not?

    It is one of the great things that we with our libraries can do what we want to do! You can play the bassline with clarinets and the melody with a tuba or a triangle, for example.....

    The result is the first important thing!

    If you mix this and that, for example in a filmscore, and the result sounds great, isn`t this the first what you want? All is allowed!
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Combining muted and unmuted strings

    I have heard of people doing this, though I have yet to try it myself.
    Dan Powers

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