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Topic: A question for Mr. Donnie C.

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    A question for Mr. Donnie C.

    I, like I am sure many of the other composers here on the board, have multiple samplers.

    In addition to gigasampler I have a couple of E6400\'s and an ESX24. All three successfully read or convert the Akai S1000 format, so every time I buy a new sample library I ususally buy it in this format.

    I recently bought GOS and because of the extensive programming and the size/polophony requirements of the instruments (and the fact that it is only available in the giga format), I was happy to buy it formatted for gigasampler.

    My question is that, considering I only have 1 gigasampler machine, should I buy LOP in the giga format or wait for the Akai version?

    Will there be extensive programming differences between the two? Will I be missing out on certain capabilities if I wait and buy the Akai version? If I do buy the gigasampler format, will I be able to realistically compose making use of the GOS and LOP on the same giga machine or I am going to need another machine?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: A question for Mr. Donnie C.


    We always try to emulate every feature for every version (ie. akai, giga, etc.) however there are some limitations that have to be realized for the S1000. For example, only 4 velocities, no release triggers, etc.

    Personally I would use LOP on a giga machine as it was built for giga from the ground up. But the S1000 will work fine also.


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    Re: A question for Mr. Donnie C.

    Hi Donnie,
    The S1000 can be tricked into release trigger.


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