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Topic: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

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    Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    There\'s a good thread going that King started about building a heavy metal guitar library. It has focused mostly on sampling the rhythm parts. I\'m wondering what libraries you guys are using to create realistic (as possible) guitar solos for heavy metal or hard rock music? QL56 Strat? Vintaudio? Others? It doesn\'t really matter whether the library has built in distortion or not. Actually I\'d probably prefer the sound to be clean so I can run it through my POD. Does anybody have any demos they made with the libraries out there?


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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    I\'m not srue about heavy metal solos.

    but Vintaudio\'s stuff soudns pretty good to me.

    I\'m not sure how it will soudns with 32note runs tho.

    this is something I\'m loking to tweak on in the future. Somethign to get taht \"shred head\" sound when they pick very fast. Its never perfectly clean. There alot more pick scrape and general hand movement.

    However I thin Franky\'s stuff can get you pretty far from the demos. QLB56 sounds like its great for slower and expressive stuff. Wonder how it is for blues.
    check out Steve steven\'s guitar library as well. might have some stuff that could be usable, I doubt its got ALTO, but you never know.

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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    Franky\'s guitars from www.vintaudio.com are very clean and pristine. Franky has very nicely captured the qualities of vintage Les Paul\'s, Strat\'s, and Godin Artisan, and they are priced most reasonable as well! I have always been a fan of older vintage Les Paul\'s and Strat\'s, and Franky\'s guitars fill this need perfectly for me!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    Thanks for the responses guys. I think I\'m going to pick up the Vintaudio clean electric guitars library. I like the fact that it has a Les Paul also, that\'s the tone I\'m looking for. The demos sound good but dont really have anything moving fast, I\'ll have to play with it to see if I can get it to sound realistic doing fast runs.

    By the way, sorry that I posted this thread twice, my browser froze and I accidentily hit the back button while it was posting...DOH!

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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    Man I have to get off my butt and post some demos, Vintaudio\'s stuff is cool. Too clean though, needs a fret noise patch and some release samples.

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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    Munsie, I\'d love to hear some of your demos if you get a chance to post them!

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    Re: Which guitar library for lead and solos?

    I think Munsie is right : Vintaudio Clean El. guitars are quite a bargain, very good sounding, very playable, not really expensive.
    Fret noises, release samples and (also, IMO, staccato notes) are the only downside (missing side, in fact).
    BUT, as a whole, those guitars do achieve a quality level and authenticity which are unbeatable in this price range (and maybe in other ranges : the only contender in this field is Ql Strat which is good also, but much more expensive, so I do not think that the ratio quality/price is on its side, even with its extra features).
    I just hope Franky is working right now at expanding his library with other cool stuff !!
    PS : a real good contender, as long as budget is a concern, is also Sonic Implants Strat IMO vol 1, which really gives the bells and whistles for very cheap, and can end up with very convincing attitude-esque clean electric guitar lines. It cannot be the only electric guitar in your library, because it\'s not versatile enough, but quite inspiring.

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