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Topic: Pop

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    Hi again. I've posted one of these tracks before but I've done a bit of work on them since that.
    The first song, Faith in Aeroplanes, doesn't feature GPO at all, but the other 3 do. I'd really welcome any feedback you can give me about the arrangements. And the overall production too, not just specific to the GPO parts.
    Thanking you in advance

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    Re: Pop


    Your vocals and chord progressions remind me of Radiohead a bit. For me that's a good thing!

    As far as sound production; your recordings sound fine to me; very balanced, maybe a "bit" more "wet" on the vocals and pushed back a "tad".

    And on the first track, the guitar sounded a "bit" "out of tune" ... but not by much.

    Do you guys perform live?

    The only thing some what "negative" I could say while listening to all the songs is: your vocals seem to stay close to one specific "register" and the vocal lines seem to "bend and twist" at the same points. A very minor thing though; you definitely have your own "style" and I'm sure a good "following".

    Maybe just mixed things up a "bit".

    Greatly liked the "brass works" in the last song. Nice vocal sustains over the progressions on guitar.

    Very impressive! and much enjoyed!

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    Smile Re: Pop

    Thanks Michael. The vocal mix is a subject of heated debate between me and the singer! I want more compression and verb, but in a way he's talked me round to his POV.
    That brass section on the last song is not Garritan, but the strings and offbeat tuba are.

    As for playing live, no! I live in the UK, my creative partner in Southern Turkey and we recorded these tracks by emailing each other ogg files. We did play in a band together for years in Bristol, but have only actually been in the same room once in the last 3 or 4 years. We don't even phone each other.

    The comparison with Radiohead is fine by me

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    Re: Pop

    A pleasing change of pace -- and a welcome one, in that
    the quality of these is quite, quite good!

    There's a consistency of sound and style to these, too;
    something too often lacking in popular work, where
    filling up time seems more the point than creating an
    artistically satisfying result.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    My best,


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