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Topic: Getting 64 voices in one instance

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    Getting 64 voices in one instance

    I believe I should be able to get 64 voices out of one instance in JABB with the Midi A,B,C,D selection and 16 channels each. When I look at the dropdown menu to select the channel, it always says "not available" after the B,C and D banks. Is this something that can be changed so they can be used? Is is it tied to my sequencer - Sonar? Is it a change in JABB?

    Thanks - I have received so much help on this forum.


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    Re: Getting 64 voices in one instance

    The current VST spec only allows 16 channels in most host sequencers and notation programs. You can just load more instances for more channels. You may need to play around with the DFD memory settings though to load enough instances in.

    Other folks use Kontakt as a standalone which can then get all 64 channels and use another program such as Plogue Bidule to connect with their sequencer.


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    Re: Getting 64 voices in one instance

    Got it - thank you both!


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