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Topic: Kirk Hunter brass and woodwinds

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    Kirk Hunter brass and woodwinds


    Does anyone have demo songs made with the brass and woodwinds that come with sapphire? It's hard to get a feel for the samples based on the small brass demos on their website.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter brass and woodwinds



    Here's a work in progress track that uses Kirk Hunter's instruments (I have Diamond).. Mainly contains Strings, Woodwind, and Percussion instruments. I believe the only thing that isn't KH is the little drum loop from Storm Drum somewhere in the middle.

    (Warning: I am still somewhat new to orchestral composing, and I'm sure one could do much more these instruments than me..)

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    Re: Kirk Hunter brass and woodwinds

    Here are a few more clips of music using some of KH's stuff.. namely the woodwinds, harp, strings, glock.. also uses some other synthesizer sounds but lots of KH. This is segmented up into a lot of tiny clips, meant to be strung together by a game engine, but you can browse through some of them and hear the quality of some of the instruments. Some of the woodwinds have some clear melody lines you can hear.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter brass and woodwinds

    Thank you freakmod. I will have a listen to these. Anyone else? Namely brass samples!

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