Hi all. I recently posted this at the Logic Forums over at Sonikmatter with no responses as of yet, so I thought I'd ask around a bit. Hoping you guys can help explain some stuff for me. Currently, I'm still using LP7.2, but my LP8 should be on the way soon... Anyhow, thanks for reading!

Here's my scenario:

Say I've got an orchestral setup. Winds, Strings and Brass. For each instrument, (violin, horn, etc), I have 3-4 audio instruments with different articulations. Here's what I'd like to be able to do.

1.) Adjust each articulation's volume separately
2.) Have a single fader for each instrument (that is, all 3-4 tracks into one fader per instrument)
3.) Have a single fader for each choir (that is, one for Strings, Winds and Brass, respectively)

Is this attainable? What's the best way?

The way I've tried it so far is to take 3 tracks of horn, and route them like this

1.) Hrn Leg --> Bus 8 --> Bus 11 --> Output 1-2
2.) Hrn Sta --> Bus 8 --> Bus 11 --> Output 1-2
3.) Hrn Mar --> Bus 8 --> Bus 11 --> Output 1-2

whereby Bus 8 would control horns and Bus 11 would control All Brass

Hopefully this makes some kind of sense... I wonder if it's any easier in Logic 8?

Also, would I possibly use groups to achieve the result I'm after? Any help is much appreciated!