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Topic: installing second library

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    installing second library

    I have JABB and Kontakt Player 2 on my pc. I am using a custom built machine, in which the software installation was done for me by the company. Kontakt Player is on the C drive - the system drive and the JABB libary is on the sample drive - D drive.

    I would like to install GPO. I am assuming there will be an option for me to skip the installation of the Kontakt player since I have it already. Should I just make the install path of the library the same as it is for JABB? Will Kontakt be able to find this library once it is installed? Will I be able to just register the new library once it is installed

    Is there anything else I should be doing? Am I going about this the right way?



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    Re: installing second library


    You have been a huge help - thanks!!!


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    Re: installing second library

    I've had JABB for some time using KP2 and just got GPO. I do have C and D drives but keep the libraries on C. I had no difficulty in installing, it was all complete in less than an hour, I let the install programme run and followed the instructions. If you install the KP2 it will just write over the original I think which makes no difference.
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