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Topic: Another resource for composers

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    Another resource for composers

    I recently found a series of CDs which are ostensibly for helping performers with audition excerpts, called "Orchestral Excerpts for ____" (fill in with instrument name, they have most of the woodwind and Brass and some strings). I figured this could be an interesting resource for anyone who wants to learn more about what instruments can and can't do.

    The person on the CD walks you through how they play each excerpt, and then plays each one. The CDs don't provide music for you, however.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you guys in case it might help anyone.


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    Re: Another resource for composers

    Hi Richard
    Do you have a link to those Cds that would be interesting.

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    Re: Another resource for composers

    Hi Matt,

    You can find them on amazon, I think they also have them on itunes. Here is the amazon link to the flute cd:


    You can get to some of the others from there, or just type them into the search bar.


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    Re: Another resource for composers

    Thanks very much Richard.

    If you ever need orchestral parts for specific instruments to study or learn this is a good cd of pdf file parts.



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