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Topic: Upgrade to GS4 now, or wait?

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    Upgrade to GS4 now, or wait?

    I'm currently using GS 3 on a Dell XP (32) P4 machine. I'm thinking about upgrading to Vista 64 and GS4 -- mostly for the extra memory it can access -- but reading some of the posts here it looks like GS4 isn't quite pro-ready yet (still bugs to be ironed out).

    So what do you all think? Should I wait to upgrade, or is it ok to go for it now?

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    Re: Upgrade to GS4 now, or wait?

    I quit using GS3 when GVI came out, except for editing performances etc.

    But GVI loaded tons of content compared to GS3, especially w/ the 3GB switch. But GS4 is as fast as GVI, and on my P35 / E8500 I get twice the loads I use to using 4GB's of DDRII 800 w/o the switch. The switch doesn't work w/ GS4 anyway.

    I would get it and use it w/ XP sp2 as it is very stable and definately a noticable improvement. If I decide to go 64bit, the CPU / Chipset w/ 4GB's more of cheap old DDRII 800 should be a great upgrade for little money.

    I am just not convinced of the need for 64bit yet, but I do live work, and can only assume when I add more VSTi's and VSL stuff the upgrade would probably be necessary. Right now I have the ability to load 37 gsi.'s across the 8 ports where I need them, which I could never do in GS3 or GVI. 3 x GVI's and 2 VSTi's are loaded which are the big memory hogs that were some troublesome using Bidule, but GS4 handles them w/ a few tweaks. But 64bit would take out the occasional dropouts one some of my horn and string stacks for sure.

    Oh I almost forgot. I use external hardware reverbs routed into my Scope Projects and never really needed to use embedded GigaPulse stuff as it didn't sound the way I liked my virtual spaces to sound, but I have been using more and more of these for ER's and mic placements combined w/ the hardware effects, and GS4 w/ the E8500 can load more than I use, which is a first. Maybe the long tails and big room IR's take up more CPU cycles, but I have 11 working w/o a hitch. The L2 cache might be helping out here I am not sure.

    At any rate, the upgrade is cheap, and is a wise expansion. To me, by the time I learn all of the new tricks, any fixes are a bonus. Most the bugs I hear of aren't keeping me off the stage that's for sure.

    Good Luck 2U.

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    Re: Upgrade to GS4 now, or wait?

    Note that you can run GS3 and GS4 on the same PC, so the risk of upgrading isn't all that high. Even if it doesn't work, you can still make music with GS3 while you troubleshoot GS4 or wait for that next upgrade.

    GS4 installed for me without a hitch.

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    Re: Upgrade to GS4 now, or wait?

    [QUOTE=JonFairhurst;578040Even if it doesn't work, you can still make music with GS3 while you troubleshoot GS4 or wait for that next upgrade.

    And wait....and wait. It's annoying if GS4 doesn't work for you. Mine is in a box. So there's GVI and Kontakt that I can use.

    The bigger risk may be upgrading to Vista 64 depending on your hardware. XP64 could be worse if your hardware doesn't support that. Many M-Audio products do not support 64bit systems yet. They have BETA drivers. From what I've read they suck for certain external audio devices.

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