<< SOLVED >> Ever since first installing GPO and J&BB, I have relied on ASIO4ALL as the sole driver that gives me even and punctual playback of my renders; it has worked perfectly for over two years.

Well, just recently my Nvidia video card suddenly failed, forcing me to install my backup card, an ATI 300SX. From that moment on, I have been having serious trouble with GPO/J&BB when driven by ASIO4ALL. The sound crackles, pops, and skips endlessly. Even now after reinstalling my repaired Nvidia 7900GS, the problem continues. I have tried all the buffer sizes, all the other features in the ASIO4ALL control panel, as well as the settings in my Garritan Libraries and even general system settings--to no avail. The thing has just decided not to work!

This may well be a coincidence and may in fact have nothing to do with my video card problem. Nonetheless, whatever is causing this to happen, has effectively brought my work with Garritan products to a halt.

I anxiously await your guidance on this most worrisome problem.

Thank you.

Sean Damon